AC Folding Gates

Manufacturer of Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Security Gates

Manufactured for retail storefronts and other commercial and industrial buildings, MaxGuard heavy-duty, steel, security gates provide maximum security, with maximum quality at the best value of any heavy-duty folding gate in the industry. EasyGlide trackless gates are a superior engineered, high quality, trackless gate option which delivers excellent protection for locations where overhead track cannot be used.

MaxGuard Storefront Folding Gates

Maxguard Storefront Security Window Gates
MaxGuard heavy-duty, scissor gates can be installed on building interiors or exteriors and over doors or windows. Built to last, MaxGuard folding, security gates are custom manufactured to best fit each location. With a frame on all four sides, MaxGuard gates offer high strength, maximum security and long-lasting durability at an excellent value.

For gates installed over doorways or in walkways, MaxGuard gates include folding bottom track. Other features include an option to hinge or swing the gate, built in locks, welded mounting brackets, track pins, reinforced top tracks, retention latches, rubber track bumpers, cane-bolts and more.

Installed in retail storefronts, pharmacies, gun shops, pawn shops, jewelry stores, offices, parking garages, secure file storage areas, tool rooms or anywhere after-hours security is needed, MaxGuard heavy-duty, folding, security gates lock it up and keep them out.

EasyGlide Trackless Folding Gates

security scissor Dock gate
Engineered to operate without tracks, EasyGlide Trackless Gates provide excellent security for areas where an overhead track cannot be used.

EasyGlide gates are commonly used behind roll-up doors to allow the doors to be open for ventilation during business hours while preventing unauthorized access. For after-hours, EasyGlide gates provide secondary security in the event of a break-in. But EasyGlide trackless gates are not limited to use on dock doors or warehouse doors.

EasyGlide trackless gates can be installed on the inside or outside to secure storefronts, to block off alcoves or to cover doors and windows. EasyGlide gates work well in buildings with drop ceilings, in hallways, as room dividers, as end of aisle barricades and over mechanic’s bays. Easy to install, EasyGlide trackless gates deliver strength and security for locations where using a gate with track is not an option.