Engineered to operate without tracks, EasyGlide Trackless Gates are an excellent choice for security in locations where an overhead track cannot be used. EasyGlide trackless gates can be installed on the interior or the exterior.

Most commonly used behind overhead doors or roll-up doors, the installation of EasyGlide trackless gates allows the door to be open for ventilation during business hours and helps to prevent unauthorized access and theft. For after-hours, EasyGlide gates provide additional, secondary security to help prevent break-ins. But EasyGlide trackless gates are not limited to use on dock doors or warehouse doors.

EasyGlide trackless security gates can be used as a less expensive alternative for storefront security. They can be installed to block off alcoves or to secure doors and windows. EasyGlide gates work well in facilities with drop ceilings where overhead tracks cannot be installed. They can be used to restrict access in hallways, as room dividers, for end of aisle barricades and to prevent entry into a mechanic’s bay.

Simple to install, easy to operate and an excellent value, EasyGlide trackless security gates deliver strength and security for locations where using a gate with track is not an option.