For openings where a trackless gate is needed, but the width required far exceeds the standard available gate sizes, consider using an Extra-Wide, EasyGlide gate.  Standard gates are available as Single gates up to 13’ wide, and Double gates up to 26’ wide, but by incorporating some special features, Extra-Wide EasyGlide Gates allow a trackless gate to fit an even larger variety of openings.

Made by connecting multiple EasyGlide gate sections together to cover a wider range of spans, Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates are available in 4’, 7’ or 8’ tall, and widths from 14’ to 48’. 

Extra Wide EasyGlide Gates 1

Extra Wide EasyGlide Gates 3



Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates are manufactured with the same quality materials as our standard EasyGlide gates, but Extra-Wide gates utilize special features such as T-Rollers and Outrigger Wheels for added stability.  See the EasyGlide Options & Accessories page for a description of these non-standard wheel options.   

Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates are custom manufactured for the special requirements of each installation, but custom doesn’t mean a long lead time.  Extra-wide sizes can usually be manufactured in 6-14 business days and can be ordered in Black, White, Dark Brown, Dark Gray or Safety Yellow. 

Custom gate heights are not available. 

For more information regarding Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates, please contact us by phone to discuss your needs.