1.  Determine whether the gate will be installed IN JAMB or SURFACE (see diagrams below). 

2.  Measure the distance between the mounting points to determine the gate width.

3.  Select the gate height:

     8’ tall collapsed height--7’1” “in use” lattice height.

     7’ tall collapsed height--6’3” “in use” lattice height

     4’4” tall collapsed height--4’ “in use” lattice height

     The lattice height is measured from the floor to the top of the gate lattice when the gate is “in use” or fully extended. 

4.  Choose whether a Single gate (1-piece gate) or Double gate (2-piece gate) is needed and select the part number from the list of “Available Gate Sizes”. 


If you need assistance in determining the correct gate size, please give us a call to discuss your needs. 


To obtain pricing, please call with your request or email the size and/or part number.  Be sure to include your zip code to receive a price which includes shipping.


Extra-Wide Gates-

For installations where a Single gate wider than 13’ or a Double gate wider than 26’ is needed, custom manufactured, Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates are available.  Extra-Wide gates are available in 8’ tall, 7’ tall and 4’ tall, and widths from 13’ to 48’.  Custom gate heights are not available. 

Please call for information or pricing for Extra-Wide EasyGlide gates.