Folding Gate Side Channels

Our exclusive design incorporates a heavy duty, 16 gauge “U” channel for the side support rather than an angle. This unique design feature allows the Easy Glide folding gate to stand straight without the added support of a top track even for folding gate widths up to 26’. Concealed inside our “U” channels are our patented slider assemblies. These assemblies allow the folding gate to operate smoothly while the channel protects the user from pinch points.

The lattice channels of our Easy Glide gates are heavy duty, 14 gauge steel. Most other manufacturers use a thinner 18-22 gauge material which is more prone to bending.

Sandwiched between the lattices are our unique PVC washers, another exclusive design of the Easy Glide gate. PVC washers provide lubrication and allow the gate to fold and operate smoothly while preventing corrosion and wear at the lattice joints.