Most thieves are looking for an easy target.  If they meet too much resistance they will go elsewhere. That’s why glass window security is so vital for burglary prevention. Max-Guard gates offer a combination of high security and a visual deterrent to help protect businesses and discourage break-ins.

Exterior installed storefront security gates are highly visible and help to protect against graffiti & glass breakage.  

Interior installed security grilles are more easily concealed when not in use, providing a more attractive appearance during business hours.  Additionally, interior installed gates offer a greater advantage for businesses using an alarm system.  If the visual deterrent is not enough to prevent a break-in, a properly installed Max-Guard folding gate will slow down and help to prevent burglars from reaching merchandise after breaking the glass and setting off the alarm.  Give the police or alarm company time to respond, install a Max-Guard folding gate to increase your security.  

Max-Guard folding gates are custom manufactured to fit each unique storefront.  For more information on our storefront security gates click the Max-Guard Gates button for specifications and features.

The following information will be required to process a Max-Guard order for manufacturing.  For additional assistance, please call (866) 944-2837.

  1. Specify the overall gate size width & height
    gate width height
  2. Specify the STACK DIRECTION: Left, Right, Both Sides or Both Sides/Offset
    gate stack
  3. Specify the VIEW. Is the STACK DIRECTION viewed from the Outside Looking in or from the inside Looking Out?
  4. Specify whether the gate will be installed on the Inside or the Outside.
  5. Choose Color
      1. Black (Standard)
      2. Optional Stock Colors
        1. Dark Gray
        2. Dark Brown
        3. Safety Yellow
        4. White. 
      3. Custom Color

    (please inquire for price and information regarding optional stock colors or custom colors)

  6. Choose Lock Option (see Lock Options page for more information)
    1. Lock tabs (standard). Indicate placement on Outside, Inside or Both Sides
    2. Hooklock
    3. Lock Ring. 
    4. Hooklock with Folding Lock Guard Box. 
  7. Choose Bottom Track Configuration
    1. All fold-up bottom track
    2. Stationary bottom track
    3. Partially folding bottom track 
    4. No bottom track
  8. Choose Roller Placement
    1. Top Rollers (Preferred-Most of gate weight hangs supported by the top track)
    2. Bottom Rollers (Most of gate weight supported by the floor)
  9. Choose Mounting Brackets (see Mounting bracket pages for additional information)
    Choose one style or a combination of styles to best suit the requirements of the installation
    1. Surface Mount
    2. Surface Stand-Off Mount
    3. Flush Mount
    4. Combination Mount (indicate the styles needed)
    5. Loose mounting brackets (indicate bracket length needed)
    6. No mounting brackets
  10. Hinge Option (see Hinge Option page for more info)
    If the hinge option is required, please indicate HINGE IN or HINGE OUT.


If you’re not familiar with all the options listed above, give us a call.

Max-Guard storefront scissor gates are made with premium materials for maximum strength and protection.


When additional clearance is needed, Max-Guard folding security gates can be manufactured with an optional Hinge Option.  This allows the stacked gate to Hinge In or Hinge Out up to 180 degrees.  Due to size and weight restrictions, the Hinge Feature is available on limited gate sizes.  Please check with your representative for your specific needs.

Tabs can be ordered on the outside of the gate, the inside, or both sides.

  • Double Cylinder-Uses a key on both sides-exterior and interior.
  • Hooklocks on orders with multiple gates will have matching keys
  • Lock cylinders can be re-keyed to match some existing door locks
  • “Best” style Interchangeable cylinders (less cores) are available

For use with the ultra-high security, hidden shackle style padlock, the optional lock ring provides a housing which helps prevent lock tampering.  (Lock not included)

For installations requiring fire-egress in case of an after-hours lock in, a Folding Lock Guard Box can be added to the Hooklock installation.  This allows the interior keyed cylinder to be replaced with a thumb-turn cylinder which can be operated by hand without the use of a key.  When the box is folded up and in-use, the thumb-turn cylinder can only be reached from the inside of the gate.  The box prevents someone on the outside from reaching through the gate and turning the lock while allowing someone on the inside to unlock the folding security gate without the use of a key.

When not in use, the Lock Guard Box folds down and collapses flat against the gate for storage.

Flush tabs or flush holes are used when Max-Guard accordion gates are mounted between walls and under a header or when a gate is mounted inside a window frame.

To save time during installation, flush tabs can be welded to either side of the top track and the side posts.  You may specify the exact placement for tabs welded to the top track and the exact elevation of tabs welded to the side posts.

If you are unsure of the exact placement of tabs and prefer to weld your own tabs during installation, loose tabs may be ordered.      

You may use any combination of tab styles on each gate.  We will customize your folding gates to best fit your installation requirements. 


Save installation time with your surface mounted storefront security gate by ordering pre-welded mounting tabs or pre-drilled mounting holes.  

Welded surface tabs allow gates to be installed flat against a structure. Welded surface stand-off tabs allow gates to be spaced away from a structure to provide spacing for door handles, signage or other obstructions. Specify either Surface tabs or Surface Stand-off tabs. When ordering Surface Stand-off tabs, indicate the stand-off dimension needed.

Adjustable Wrap-Around Track Hanger Brackets.  No welding required.  Slide onto the top track and lag in place.

For door opening heights up to 16'

2” X 2” Tube Brace

Welded on top of the track for added support over wide openings, providing additional strength and rigidity.

3/16” X 1-1/2” X 1-1/2”

3/16” X 1 1/2”

3/16” X 1-1/2” X (X” specify length)

A/C Folding Gates uses a heavy duty design to manufacture accordion gates to provide maximum protection while remaining easy to operate. The main vertical bars are made of 14 gauge-½” x 1” rectangular steel tubing. Other brands use lighter gauge steel channel which is not as strong and bends easily. Our intermediate verticals and scissors are constructed using heavy 7 & 9 gauge 3/16” X 3/4” steel stock. This helps to insure you receive a durable, long lasting gate that will operate trouble free for years to come.  Our cadmium plated, steel ball bearing rollers are long lasting and require no maintenance. These adjustable roller assemblies allow you to ‘fine tune’ the way gates hang for smooth operation.  See Gate Specifications page for more information.

We use high quality, oil-based enamel paint on all of our gates. We apply the paint using an electrostatic process that results in a beautiful finish comparable to powder coating and is available in a wide range of colors including custom color matches.

With more than 30 years experience manufacturing folding scissor gates, we pride ourselves in offering the best gate at a the most competitive price available.

With so many years of experience we have developed manufacturing techniques and specialized tooling which allows us to manufacture a high quality product without driving up the price. Max-Guard gates are manufactured to install quickly, operate smoothly and look good for decades to come

To help ensure your gates arrive undamaged, Max-Guard folding security gates are carefully packaged on pallets and in custom wood crates. 

    Since shipping companies load and unload trucks almost exclusively with forklifts, Max-Guard gate sections are individually wrapped and palletized for extra protection and easy forklift handling.  For maximum protection, longer track sections are secured in custom wood crates to help prevent them from becoming crushed or bent in transit. 

    Avoid the hassle of trying to straighten a bent gate or the headache of a freight claim.  Don’t risk delays. We build them right and ship them right, every time.

We offer a variety of design options to maximize security and reduce installation time. Gates can be fitted with several styles of locks. Mounting brackets can be pre-welded to reduce installation time. Gates can be customized in a variety of ways. Ask your representative for more information.


Made with the strongest material in the business, Max-Guard Folding Gates are designed to provide maximum security for storefronts, retail spaces, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you call it a scissor gate, accordion gate, or folding gate, you can trust A/C Folding Gates to build it right.