Made with the strongest material in the business, Max-Guard Folding Gates are designed to provide maximum security for storefronts, retail spaces, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you call it a scissor gate, accordion gate, or folding gate, you can trust A/C Folding Gates to build it right.

Material Used

A/C Folding Gates uses a heavy duty design to manufacture accordion gates to provide maximum protection while remaining easy to operate. The main vertical bars are made of 14 gauge-½” x 1” rectangular steel tubing. Other brands use lighter gauge steel channel which is not as strong and bends easily. Our intermediate verticals and scissors are constructed using heavy 7 & 9 gauge 3/16” X 3/4” steel stock. This helps to insure you receive a durable, long lasting gate that will operate trouble free for years to come.  Our cadmium plated, steel ball bearing rollers are long lasting and require no maintenance. These adjustable roller assemblies allow you to ‘fine tune’ the way gates hang for smooth operation.  See Gate Specifications page for more information.

Paint Quality

We use high quality, oil-based enamel paint on all of our gates. We apply the paint using an electrostatic process that results in a beautiful finish comparable to powder coating and is available in a wide range of colors including custom color matches.

Superior Manufacturing

With more than 30 years experience manufacturing folding scissor gates, we pride ourselves in offering the best gate at a the most competitive price available.

With so many years of experience we have developed manufacturing techniques and specialized tooling which allows us to manufacture a high quality product without driving up the price. Max-Guard gates are manufactured to install quickly, operate smoothly and look good for decades to come

Shipping Confidence

To help ensure your gates arrive undamaged, Max-Guard folding security gates are carefully packaged on pallets and in custom wood crates. 

    Since shipping companies load and unload trucks almost exclusively with forklifts, Max-Guard gate sections are individually wrapped and palletized for extra protection and easy forklift handling.  For maximum protection, longer track sections are secured in custom wood crates to help prevent them from becoming crushed or bent in transit. 

    Avoid the hassle of trying to straighten a bent gate or the headache of a freight claim.  Don’t risk delays. We build them right and ship them right, every time.

Design Options

We offer a variety of design options to maximize security and reduce installation time. Gates can be fitted with several styles of locks. Mounting brackets can be pre-welded to reduce installation time. Gates can be customized in a variety of ways. Ask your representative for more information.