When additional clearance is needed, MaxGuard heavy-duty, folding security gates can be manufactured with an optional Hinge feature which will allow the gate section to Hinge In or Hinge Out. This unique design allows for maximum clearance in tight spaces.

Storefront Folding Gates Hinge Option

When to consider the Hinge Option

Consider using the optional Hinge feature for gates installed in hallways, alcoves or anywhere the use of gate may obstruct a walkway or a doorway. For storefronts where the use of a gate blocks the view through the front of the store, a hinged gate will open the space and be less visible, giving a more aesthetically pleasing view during business hours.

The Hinge feature can be used for gates of any height and gate widths up to 14’. Most gate sections may be ordered with this custom Hinge feature, but due to size and weight restrictions, it is not available for all security gates. For more information, please check with a representative regarding your specific folding gate needs.

Storefront Folding Gates Hinge Option 2

How It Works

To utilize this special Hinge Feature, the gate must be collapsed, and the bottom track folded up. The folded bottom track is then latched with the retainer strap to the front of the gate section. Once latched, the gate section will be aligned with the notch in the top track, freeing the top of the gate verticals from the top track and allowing the gate section to hinge away. Gate sections can be hinged up to 180 degrees. Contact us for more information.