Flush Mounted Accordion Gates

Flush tabs or flush holes are used when Max-Guard accordion gates are mounted between walls and under a header or when a gate is mounted inside a window frame.

To save time during installation, flush tabs can be welded to either side of the top track and the side posts.  You may specify the exact placement for tabs welded to the top track and the exact elevation of tabs welded to the side posts.

If you are unsure of the exact placement of tabs and prefer to weld your own tabs during installation, loose tabs may be ordered.      

You may use any combination of tab styles on each gate.  We will customize your folding gates to best fit your installation requirements. 


Surface Mounted Storefront Security Gates

Save installation time with your surface mounted storefront security gate by ordering pre-welded mounting tabs or pre-drilled mounting holes.  

Welded surface tabs allow gates to be installed flat against a structure. Welded surface stand-off tabs allow gates to be spaced away from a structure to provide spacing for door handles, signage or other obstructions. Specify either Surface tabs or Surface Stand-off tabs. When ordering Surface Stand-off tabs, indicate the stand-off dimension needed.

Adjustable Wrap-Around Track Hanger Brackets.  No welding required.  Slide onto the top track and lag in place.