The following information will be required to process a Max-Guard order for manufacturing.  For additional assistance, please call (866) 944-2837.

  1. Specify the overall gate size width & height
    gate width height
  2. Specify the STACK DIRECTION: Left, Right, Both Sides or Both Sides/Offset
    gate stack
  3. Specify the VIEW. Is the STACK DIRECTION viewed from the Outside Looking in or from the inside Looking Out?
  4. Specify whether the gate will be installed on the Inside or the Outside.
  5. Choose Color
      1. Black (Standard)
      2. Optional Stock Colors
        1. Dark Gray
        2. Dark Brown
        3. Safety Yellow
        4. White
  6. Choose Lock Option (see Lock Options page for more information)
    1. Lock tabs (standard). Indicate placement on Outside, Inside or Both Sides
    2. Hooklock
    3. Lock Ring. 
    4. Hooklock with Folding Lock Guard Box. 
  7. Choose Bottom Track Configuration
    1. All fold-up bottom track
    2. Stationary bottom track
    3. Partially folding bottom track 
    4. No bottom track
  8. Choose Roller Placement
    1. Top Rollers (Preferred-Most of gate weight hangs supported by the top track)
    2. Bottom Rollers (Most of gate weight supported by the floor)
  9. Choose Mounting Brackets (see Mounting bracket pages for additional information)
    Choose one style or a combination of styles to best suit the requirements of the installation
    1. Surface Mount
    2. Surface Stand-Off Mount
    3. Flush Mount
    4. Combination Mount (indicate the styles needed)
    5. Loose mounting brackets (indicate bracket length needed)
    6. No mounting brackets
  10. Hinge Option (see Hinge Option page for more info)
    If the hinge option is required, please indicate HINGE IN or HINGE OUT.


If you’re not familiar with all the options listed above, give us a call.