Storefront Security Window Gates

MaxGuard folding gates are the ideal deterrent to guard storefront windows at night during non-business hours. The MaxGuard collapsible gate design is so strong, it's recognized by thieves as the "Fort Knox" deterrent. When seen by thieves they usually go elsewhere to find an easier target to burglarize. MaxGuard's window security gates incorporate custom fit tracks on top and bottom to maximize window security, protecting against non-business hour break-ins. The MaxGuard scissor gate design offers fast egress during lockup in case of emergency situations (fire, earthquake) when employees are working during non-business hours.

Storefront Folding Gate Installation options

MaxGuard folding scissor gates can be installed on the inside or outside of the window, depending on the look you want for the storefront. Outside mounting makes it more obvious to the thief your building is ìFort Knoxî at night. Interior mounting provides a nicer looking aesthetics for the building exterior, appropriate for neighborhoods with less risk. Both locations offer the same security, the only difference is the look of the window.

MaxGuard accordion gates are custom made to install as a perfect fit, in the color you want, utilizing the type lock you prefer. Custom scissor gate installation by an authorized installer will ensure proper operation for a long service life so the security gate folds, locks, and opens easily and reliably. For more information on our storefront security gates, click the Max-Guard Gates menu above to learn more, or give us a call.